The JaxFit Sessions – Exercise Progression Videos and More

The JaxFit Sessions – Exercise Progression Videos and More

I have teamed up with some amazing people to launch JaxFit, the community fitness movement that is going to make Jacksonville a healthier place. We are bringing people into the parks, teaching exercise classes and putting web and mobile applications into their homes to help them get fit.

My first major project with JaxFit has been the formulating of exercise progressions with the goal of making strength training accessible to a few hundred thousand neighbors. These videos have to be helpful to beginners, challenging for athletes, informative and concise. It is a tall order.

Well now that I have my hands on the finished product, I am bringing these videos to the Cloudbreak Personal Training blog.I know my Jacksonville friends will see these videos through JaxFit, but I want you to learn from them wherever you are. And I want your feedback. Tell me what works, what doesn’t, and please, tell me how I can make these better. These are the first installment, a project that will never be completed, an ever improving craft.

The Base Progression is coming at you soon. You are going to be squatting in your living room, at the park, in the office and everywhere else. The whole world is your gym, you are the machine, lift yourself!

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